a new community that celebrates self care


You wake up every morning, knowing that you have purpose.

You learn to trust your intuition on a daily basis.

You finally have a self-care routine, where time is always made for it and no guilt is felt.

You enjoy making food rather than complaining about it or seeing it as complicated.

You have a respect and desire for daily movement to improve your life and health.

Introducing Soul Comfort Haven

A membership site that provides more than a rainbow and sunshine experience, to help women like you shift their mindset while being guided with bluntness, sarcasm and humor.

This isn't a place where it will feel like you are sitting in a yoga room. This is a place that will transport you to the country side. Where the night sky is full of stars and no city lights, no commotion and their online place that is away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life and responsibilities.

Finally, You Can

- Have a routine of self-care and self-love practices

- Be comfortable with releasing toxic relationships

- Have confidence in making healthy changes

- Have an understanding of manifesting/intuition

- Be at ease and have no guilt forming boundaries

- Learn grounding techniques

- Have a healthy relationship with food

Inside the membership

Fresh Content

New self care content every month

Monthly Calls

Live monthly chats to dive deeper into the content


Supportive Facebook community where you can ask questions anytime

Hi, I'm Leslee

I am Leslee, a metamorphosis coach based in Texas.

I help women all over the world learn to use their grief as a tool for transformation. Whether you’re grieving over the loss of a job, a relationship, or a part of yourself, I’m here to help you use that experience to transform into the highest version of yourself.

I overcame a lot to want to be healthy.

I am someone who has learned all this knowledge by LIVING it. Not from a text book or attending a class once a week.

I have learned to not let “that” life tear me down and turn me into a negative person. I am a HAPPILY single mom and I’m becoming a better version of myself on a daily basis.

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That's less than half the price of a massage, and you get ongoing support all month long!